Monday, June 20, 2011

State Games

I fenced in the North Carolina State Games this weekend. I took the gold for veterans Epee. Not that big a deal really. I won 4 pool bouts and lost one, finishing sixth out of pools.

In a way, I fenced well, but I made mistakes. I went in to fencing with these thoughts in my mind.

1. Try to relax. I am not sure how I did in that regard.
2. Keep your feet under you...balance. I am not sure how I did in that regard. My training partner was on another strip and could not watch me much.
3. Move my fighting line. Hard to explain, but I know that I did it at least some of the time.
4. Step back to parry. I did not do it when it counted the most. I know I did it a well in a couple of times in pools.

I have been working on reconnaissance. In a bout situation, I know it helped me once or twice. It helped a great deal as I watched from the side of the strip.

One of my opponents was doing reconnaissances as well. He was starting with the most basic. He would do a beat. I noticed he started every bout that way. When it was my turn to fence him, I waited for the beat; deceived and hit him No one else fencing noticed this but me. I like this guy, but he was ticked off when I beat him 5-1. I thought about telling him what he was doing. Then I thought he might see me as a know-it-all and resent it. Then I thought, maybe I should just save the info for the next time I fence him. In the end, I never said anything. I may do so in the future....I may not

I made some other mistakes when I fenced the kid who won both epee and foil. We both stood still and faced off with each other. I thought I could beat the kid on hand speed. In some ways, I still believe that I can. However, it was just stupid. I did not use footwork tempo changes like I had been working on of late. Again...foolish.

At CFA we play a game called "21". 3 points for an attack. 2 points for a parry repoist. 1 point for counters and doubles. You must when by 21 on the nose. I have only played once, but this is a good game for me. It forces you to analyze what is happening with you and your opponent. I am just starting to get the hang of this,but it is in my mix of goals and things I am working on.

That was pretty much it for me this season. Now I am just waiting on the fall.

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