Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Thought and a Team Event

I use to think that there were two things that happened on strip. There was when you are out of distance or the action has stopped and you make your plans and plot your strategy. Then there is the time when you are in distance and you move with instinct and without conscious thought. (You move without conscious thought as it is to slow and there is no time for it. To me this is one of the most fascinating parts of fencing. What tells you body to move?) After doing a decision drill with Toomey last week, I found there is another area in between these two. Who knew? I have not figured it out yet, and for sure I have not mastered it, but I find this so very interesting.

I just returned home from a fairly large and diversified team epee event. Teams were selected at the event to make it as fair as possible. It was all for fun…..and it was. I was only beaten by two people I fenced (Miles and Henri). I fenced four teams. I don’t like to think to positively, but I think I am fencing noticeably better than six months or so ago. I don’t want to get my hopes up and I don’t want to jinx myself. I just hope it last…if it is true.


cobalt said...

Shhhh....people will start to think I'm a good coach who runs a good club who works well with a variety of fencers, and gets them to work to the best of their ability. Can't let that happen.

It's obviously because you're a born gifted fencer, or your previous experience, or God/Allah/Fencing Fairy blessed you in the middle of the night, etc...

The Gray Epee said...

Toomey is a good coach, who runs a good club. If you don't beleive it,just ask him.

I am thinking of chnageing the name of my journal to "The Gray Epee and Sacajawea" or "Pinky and the Brain".

cobalt said...

LOL...jerk :-P

Yeah, I've kind of made it my sounding board as well, since you usually bring up good points/questions... Left on my own devices, I wouldn't bother. Most of NC tends to get stuck into their own little overcompetitive ego holes anyways.

It's part of the reason that team tournament is invitational. If you're going to take away from the fun, leave... (Other reason is to limit numbers and focus on the immediate local area)

And your journal is also a good check on my own coaching. I get to see if the message I try to convey went through.