Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foil Clinic

(From an outdoor epee event in New Bern.)

This weekend I went to a Mid-South/Apex Intermediate Foil Clinic. This was a joint venture between two clubs. Yep.....foil.

I was on the fence (Right up until it was time to head out.) on if I should go or not. Foil is just not for me. I admire good foil fencers, but thy are twisty-bendy people and their weapon is bendy as well. It just doesn't feel right in your hand. Then there is the whole RoW shenanigans.....I best stop here.

So........Jim.......what the heck are you doing at a foil clinic?

Here are my reasons for going:

1. My training partner and I teach a six week long "Introduction to Fencing Class". We spend a little time on each weapon. We have both been to Coaches College for foil, but that was some time back. I needed a refresher.

2. Coach always said it was good for an epeeist to fence a little foil.

3. Knowing Stephen, I was sure I would get some exercise and footwork.

4.It is like working an extra couple of classes into the week.

5. I haven't had a private lesson in two weeks. This made me feel like I was catching up in some way.

It was a good clinic. I got what I wanted out of it, but I also wish it could have been one more notch up toward a higher level.

Most importantly to me was that I learned to double check. I saw that last weekend, but did not fully get it until this weekend.

I reffed a little and I was better at it than I thought I would be. Fortunately, it was low level and not much in the way of complex actions.

I fenced foil like an epeeist. It was somewhat successful, as most people there were low level foilist or saberist dabbling a bit. Still...I should have let things go and tried to fence more foil-like.

It was uncomfortable in one respect. I have devoted a lot of time to trying to learn everything I can about fencing. Admittedly, that is almost all focused on epee. I know a fair amount about the weapon, even if I cannot always apply it. Being included in a mix of fairly new fencers made me feel like I didn't know anything. I did not like the feeling at all. Is my ego that big? Do I feel like I am being talked down to by a coach? I am not sure. I am not sure what this says about me. It may be past time for me to dabble in other weapons. I will just have to see how it goes and what comes up.

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cobalt said...

Never hurts to play other weapons as a vet fencer. Or work with various coaches. Helps build your coaching background.