Sunday, May 22, 2011

Siff Arms and Daggers

Stiff Arm

I have been thinking about a problem in my fencing. Sometimes I write in my journal as a means to figure things out.

Background: After counters; attacks in to preparation; targets of opportunity… my thing is doing “takes”. This is the result of working with Coach. For so long, my attention was devoted to the technical aspects of fencing. (Not that I am technically very good or all we worked on was taking the blade.) But the foundation for everything Coach teaches seems to be “Six Wall”. (A drill that is done with circles six in opposition.) Picking up the point in 6 and takes in 2 and 8 also became my favorites. With the right opponent, I have some success with this. On the other hand, there are opponents that this sort of thing is useless. (Higher level fencers…come to mind.) So……if I get the right opponent….I feel confident. On occasion I will fence a person with a very stiff arm. I understand this. I am still constantly trying to relax my arm..shoulder…that sort of thing. But this is way beyond my sort of stiff arm. Mostly it is newer fencers, that can’t relax. Once in a while it is a bruiser who can power through. Sometimes it is the combination of the two.

We are taught to use our fingers in these types of “take” actions and keep the arm and wrist out of it. I am going to tell you, with the stiff armed fencer…..this is not going to work. I think you either need to put some muscle into it or find other actions.

What I have been thinking about: Maybe I am too much into doing “takes”…with this kind of fencer. Maybe I should parry/repost. Unless it is instinctive action, I almost never plan on doing just a parry repost. Maybe I need to do a big sweep.

Conclusion: Okay….This didn’t help. Maybe there will be a Toomey comment to point me towards the path to enlightenment.

Winston Salem Fencing Club
I fenced in a park today with the Winston Salem fencing Club. It was a friendly group and I had a good time. The students were from UNCG. I had not fenced outside in a long time. It was a hot day for it, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Epee and Dagger

In this link there is a product and body cord for fencing epee with a dagger. Okay…..your first thought might be that this sounds a little SCA. However, I often watch a ancient clip of Aldo fencing in Italy with a foil and dagger and it is the most fluid and beautiful type of fencing I have ever seen. I would love to try this. It looks like fun and having fun should be the goal of every fencer.