Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something to Say. Who Knew?

In this picture (Santelli NYC. Small woman’s jacket with silver buttons). I was guessing late 50’s, but I do not know for sure. Also included are an old plastron (C); an old foil and a detachable bib for a mask (B).

I think this kind of stuff is really cool. If this jacket would fit me, I would find some opportunity to wear it.

I suspect this kind of old unusable equipment has found its way into a lot of fencing salles. I hope some folks are saving a couple of these items.

I gave one to a coach at Mid-South long ago and he mounted it in a glassed in frame like a kimono. It makes a nice wall hanging for their club. Add an old weapon or maybe some old medals and it could look awesome.

My training partner (epee) is a petite woman. She is often getting hit just above the breast protector or getting hit on the breast protector and the tip sliding up to cause a bruise. It would seem to me that these old plastrons (C) could be cut off and made to fit above the breast protector for some extra padding.

It would also seem to me that if I manufactured or sold fencing equipment, I would look into a way to make fencing equipment more specialized or weapon specific. I watch bony little kids fence epee and once in a while they will take a bad hit. (Fortunately, they generally fence other bony little kids that can’t hit hard.) What if there was a way to add something like the quilted plastron (C) so Velcro would hold it to the top part a modern under arm protector? What if they made a pad like the quilted plastron (C) that could fasten to the top of a woman’s breast protector like the old bib (A) that fastened to an old mask?

On a slightly different vent, why can't uniform manufactures make a jacket for epee, where the weapon arm sleeve is slightly shorter than the off weapon hand, so it can be pulled down under the glove and not leave a wrinkle for points to catch on? (Okay….you can have that done yourself. But I am on a roll here.)

Looking at this vintage equipment always makes me wish their was better documented history of our sport. I do not mean from the time of the Egyptians, but more like from the time of the modern Olympics. Great books like "By the Sword" cover some good information, but I am looking for something a bit more detailed.

I want to know about weird rules and strip sizes for early events. Why did the fourth weapon of fencing fall out of favor, other than the fact that it most likely hurt like hell? In this video clip: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=schlager7#p/search/1/5JigsNa3u_s Aldo is fencing with a shortened foil used as a dagger. Why did this go away? It is so fluid and beautiful. (If you watch closely it is just an "X" block done well and fast,but it is ever so cool!) Who knows what interesting fact has been lost in the history of fencing? Such a shame.

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