Friday, April 29, 2011

The Drill ...The Mask and One Touch

Last night at practice I fenced pretty well.(For me.)I felt pretty good about it and I needed that feeling.

My PL was "The Drill". More accurately, it was the first and most basic part of "The Drill". If I remember correctly, this is a Marx progressive exercise, or at least he gets credit for it.

In the starter part of the the drill you can only score a point by lunging. No advance nothing. It sounds simple, but I am so programed to draw my opponents attack that it was almost impossible for me. (And I tried everything I could think of.) To much stuff is now built in. Of course my coach is killer at this and it was humbling. However, if I ever want to fence foil (I can't think of why I would want to fence the "bendy little weapon"....but I might.)I need to master this simple little drill.

Sense I started fencing, I have wanted to try "one touch" epee. Last night I finally got my shot in a "tournament like" setting. After pools, my draw was a young, very tall "B" fencer. I switched to French grip and posted. In the rules we used, if you are both out. That was the case for my opponent and I. I had already decided if I was going out, I would do my best to take someone with me. Yep...I am that kind of guy. It was a lot of fun,but over way to quick. Hooking up took longer than the action.

When I got home last night, I washed my nasty old frayed mask. It is tattered and worn. While I want a new one badly, I feel a emotional attachment to this one. We have both been through a lot and we are scarred. However we have a few more bouts left in us. The thing takes FOREVER to dry. I think I will search the web for rules on "One Touch Epee" while my buddy sits outside in the sun.

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