Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Down

Last night we lost another coach. Mario is out. Woody quit a few weeks back. We are down two and have four left.

I have never wanted to be a coach. I never felt like I knew enough. I have had some success in coaching epee. One of my kids came in 7th in a SYC last weekend and gained national points. I helped in her coaching a great deal, but I did not do it alone.

Still, all I ever wanted was to study fencing.

It would be better for me in many ways if the club in Greensboro folded. But what about the kids? There are kids I love. There are kids for one reason or another NEED fencing in their lives. There are kids that could be good at it. Our club is just about it in an area with a population of over a million people.

I wish a good three weapon coach would move to this area and wanted to start a club.

The place where we have our club changed the deal we had with them last night. Coaches are now to be the ones to see that money is collected and fencers sign in, even though we are volunteers and do not get paid.

I got “dem” small time fencing club blues.


Princess Rashid said...

Congrats on the success of your student at the SYC.

I'm sorry to hear about your coaching blues. Check the ads in the back of American Fencing Mag. They are always some classifies from Coaches looking for work. Also, there are a lot of foreign coaches that have excellent credentials but may have a language issue.

Good luck...I will keep my ears open.

cobalt said...

To note on Princess' comment: Their club also has a lack of member/resources issue that kind of reduces their chances of hiring.

If it's a matter of never feeling like you know enough. As a coach, if you ever feel like you've learned "enough"...you're not a good coach. I'm usually watching videos, reading books, researching other sports...

If it's a matter you just don't want to...well, that's another issue entirely :-P

meredith said...

That's too bad. I don't know the exact situation of course but I'm not a fan of volunteers filling a major role at a for-profit club. There should be some type of compensation, even if it's just free dues or entry fees. Clubs should also pay for their members to go to coaching and referee clinics when possible, since it benefits the club more than the individual.