Monday, February 28, 2011

The Duke Home Meet

This short clip is from the Duke Home Meet. It is a first class collegiate tournament.

The Notre Dame men epee fencers had t-shirts that had "Irish Fencing" written on them. I thought they were cool and looked into ordering one on-line. Sadly, those must be for the team.

NC Vet Squad of Dooooom Reloaded

Kerry and Henri (Vet Women) get in a bit of practice. Kerry (on the right) had been out with back trouble for a while.

Link to Greensboro Club TV Spot

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thought Process

Thought process in deciding which of two tournaments to attend.

Tournament A.
3 and ½ hour drive (One way)
32 epeeist registered
A2 tournament. ( Not like that is going to matter much to me.)
A lot of people I haven’t fenced before.

Tournament B.
1 1/2 hour drive (One way)
9 fencers so far.
E1….so far (not like that matters with a “B” in the mix)
If I go to this one, I might be able to stop by the Duke Meet and watch that for a while. I always enjoy that.

Going to both is probably not an option.

Plan: Wait for divine guidance or panic to guide me.

Two Down

Last night we lost another coach. Mario is out. Woody quit a few weeks back. We are down two and have four left.

I have never wanted to be a coach. I never felt like I knew enough. I have had some success in coaching epee. One of my kids came in 7th in a SYC last weekend and gained national points. I helped in her coaching a great deal, but I did not do it alone.

Still, all I ever wanted was to study fencing.

It would be better for me in many ways if the club in Greensboro folded. But what about the kids? There are kids I love. There are kids for one reason or another NEED fencing in their lives. There are kids that could be good at it. Our club is just about it in an area with a population of over a million people.

I wish a good three weapon coach would move to this area and wanted to start a club.

The place where we have our club changed the deal we had with them last night. Coaches are now to be the ones to see that money is collected and fencers sign in, even though we are volunteers and do not get paid.

I got “dem” small time fencing club blues.