Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noble or Bitterest

'By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by
reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
and third by experience, which is the bitterest". - Confucius

I figured it out on a drive back from a tournament, as I sometimes do.

I wonder why I don't ever seem to figure things out on the way TO a tournament.

My attacks and takes have seemed useless of late. I seem to only counter and make simple direct attacks. I felt something was wrong. I thought it was because a fencer was new or had a stiff arm...or something. My actions I like to do just felt like they should not be done.

Well....the epee-sense was tingling and rightly so. I am out of distance to make my attacks or do my "takes". Yeah...yeah...yeah...That doesn't sound like such a difficult or great revelation. But it is....sort of.

I have been working on several things over the summer. One of which is getting my opponent to attack out of distance. Another is knowing my opponents distance as well as mine. I have been opening up the distance when I fence and my opponents are doing the same. I can't reach anyone.

There is a lot more to think about in this regard. If you are at the furtherest distance that you can attack and be attacked by your opponent, then only simple direct attacks and counters will work? I need to experiment with just getting in there and slugging it out? I will experiment this week.


knave said...

I know I usually figure out what I was doing wrong on the way back from a tournament, or often, in the shower post tournament/practice.

It's interesting what we notice about our fencing vs. what others/our opponents notice. Yesterday I fenced down in Wilmington and was fortunate enough to have my bouts videoed.

In watching my bouts, I was able to identify several things I needed to improve, some I was aware of on the day, others I wasn't. However, on talking with other fencers, no one commented on my mistakes. They largely mentioned what of my fencing impressed them. It was interesting to see myself from 2 outside perspectives, video and others.

cobalt said...

Actually, this is an important revelation.

Depends whether you're talking about attacks/counterattacks to the hand or not. If so, yes. Parry/Riposte distance is a little closer then that(As well as counter to the body distance).

Don't rip on yourself too hard, you had a good tournament. Higher part of the middle in a fairly competitive event. From what I did get to see, you were even experimenting with new actions and finding places to make them succeed. That's the most important step of all...

The NC Epee Vet Squad of DOOOOOM is coming along nicely. No emoness, actual progression. When I just have to worry about working on fencing it's nice. :-P