Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Things

Book Review

For my birthday I received the book, "Masters of the Sword and their Books" by Chris Karcher. It is nonfiction and an easy half day read. It is sort of a catalog of swordsmanship and fencing masters from 1516 to 1799. It has little in the way of useful information on fencing, However, I love this sort of thing, and there are some interesting quotes and fantastic illustrations. If you like to dabble from time to time into fencing history, I would recommend it for your library.

“Offence is a defense” Ridolfo Capo Ferro

“In the end, fencing is systematic, it is scientific; it is thoughtful. Fencing is control. “ William Hope

It is evident beyond a doubt that, in reducing this art to simple principles, we easily discover that in reality it consists in a very few things.” J. Oliver

“The point is to be preferred over the edge, both because it arrives quicker and hurts more” Giacomo di Grassi

“Tell it Giacomo!....yeah dawg !” Jim Kent

Gifts for Those Who Listen

Friday night: Tommy, Henri and I headed down to Charlotte Fencing Academy for some bouting. In between bouts, I watch others bout or take lessons. There is a lot of useful information to be had by listening to coaches correct students or give private lessons at CFA. I think that if you did not fence at all and just took the time to listen to what is being said, it would not be wasted fencing experience. Odds are if it applies to another fencer, it will apply to me. This is the type of information I hunger for.


I think my balance is improved by just paying attention to it. I worked on that in bouting Friday night. To a lesser degree, I worked on trying to be more relaxed….and even more relaxed out of distance. During the week, when I fenced with Tommy, I became aware that my weapon hand would drift into four. At this point, I believe it to be a combination of too much and too big blade actions and trying to keep my arm in different positions to avoid his nasty flick. Still, I must keep an eye on this, and for a while during practice, I will try to keep a stable/standard en guard in six. Balance/relax/good six… doesn't sound like much to work on….but it is. This is what I will work for the coming week.

The New Karate Kid Movie

I haven’t seen it yet. But, in watching the trailer and thinking about a fencing movie being made along the same lines,the weapon would need to be epee. Otherwise you would need half the movie to explain RoW.

Just saying.

Just Thinking

In two years I can fence Vet 60. I hope I can still hang in two years.


Courtney said...

hope? seriously?
you'll be hanging on into your 90s :)

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