Friday, June 4, 2010

Bye Nicole

This weekend Nicole Agresto will graduate from high school. Three of us from the Greensboro club will be in attendance. (Okay…One of the three is CFA….but he started with us….and it overlaps from time to time. It gets so confusing.)

Nicole is the last of the “original kids”. I remember when she was twelve and so quiet and shy. Now she is “Miss Social”.

With her parting we will also rarely see her family. That will be sad as well.

Coach Miller tried to recruit her for the UNC team. It is always interesting to watch him go through the proper NCAA procedure. I have seen him do it many times now. She decided to go to ECU instead, as their program fits her needs and that is where her friends are going.

She plans to fence at ECU, so I am sure our paths will cross from time to time. (As well as our blades.)

We love you Nicole. Be safe. Study hard.


Nicole said...

aw thanks jim :] this makes me sad, but i'm sure i'll be seeing much of you in the future!

Courtney said...

aww! tell her i'll miss her too@!!! big hugs from me!!!!

cobalt said...

Good luck at ECU Nicole!

deb said...

I remember when we first met Nicole. She and Charlie were just starting out as fencers. So much time has passed way to quickly.