Monday, June 28, 2010

Beer and Coaching

Coaches College

I have applied to Coaches College for Epee 1. Now, to wait on acceptance and to see, if with such short notice, they can get the number of people needed to actually have the program. I am not optimistic.

Why am I doing this?

It is somewhat local this year and therefore a bargain price. I still have no great desire to coach, but I find myself doing so more and more. I used to feel that I did not know enough to coach. To some extent I still feel that way, however I am becoming comfortable with teaching at a low to low intermediate level, and I know where to send students for higher level instruction should the time come. Besides, as I am coaching some anyway, I should strive to become better at it.

Should this program for coaching actually come into being this August, I see it as something for the future. At some point in the future, I may wish to coach or help more in coaching Epee. It may be that having some credentials would be of benefit. Who can say?

I have this feeling that in the future fencing will take a leap forward in popularity. Not to mainstream levels, but higher than it is now. It could be because of a movie. It could be because of someone using fencing as the latest fitness craze. It could be because all those karate places in every strip mall will look for a way to boost profits. I am rarely correct in seeing into the future, but I have a feeling about this. If a miracle happens, and I am correct in my predictions, more coaches will be needed.

Another reason for doing this is, it is one of my goals in fencing. Few of my goals in fencing are totally within my hands. This one is. I find that comforting.

Mid-South Fencing Club on Friday

I am heading to Mid-South Fencing Club on Friday to act as a Division Observer for a tournament. There is food and perhaps beer afterward. This means I will miss practice again in Charlotte. Beer and good food can soften that blow.

This is the last thing happening locally this season. I am not going to compete in Nationals, so the long wait for fencing in the fall starts. Beer and a cookout seem like a good way to end it.

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cobalt said...

Didn't miss anything in Charlotte. We had camp that week. :)

On a side note, I think I found a 5 day camp format I (and the campers) was extremely pleased with.