Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My fencing journey has been stagnant of late.

It was a bad month for studying with Coach Miller. Spring break, NCAA tournaments and related events have made it very unproductive for lessons or even bouting.
At The Greensboro Fencers Club, I have put in some time covering for coaches and helping to teach the four week “Introduction to Fencing” class.

I have spent a little time working with Tommy. Even though the time spent there has been short, it has been the most productive.

This weekend, I will compete in ASU tournament. I have no expectations or goals in that regard. At the very least, I will get in some bouting. The mountains should be beautiful this time of year.

My training partner and I are considering making some changes in our training after this semester. Things just seem to be moving to slow. Studying fencing is like fencing. Don't stand still or become static.....keep moving!

Sectionals are being held in Greensboro this year on the weekend of May 1st. As our little local club is in Greensboro, I feel like I should volunteer to help set up for the event or something. I doubt that there will be any other support from the club, other than my faithful training partner and I. Sadly, I have no idea who to contact or even if they would be interested in the help. I will continue to look into this. I have collected visitor guides and a map of Greensboro for the event. I guess that is helping a little.

One of the sad things about having an on-line journal is that you become a slave to it. At least now I have posted and the guilt from not posting is lessened.

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Meredith said...

Don't feel guilty! I do still stop by to read but if you aren't enjoying it, there's no reason to do it. At least you're still fencing! I haven't been to the club since last summer. Talk about guilt! Still, it was a necessary step to pursue my art career. Take care!