Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gray Sabreist

Below is a message from my Canadian fencing coach friend on my Facebook account.

"Jim attended Saber Fencing for Foil (and Epee) Fencers."

Jim's Canadian Fencing Coach Friend: "I had to look what this was about, as it SOUNDED in my brain-fog-before-my-cup-of-tea-state, that the sabre fencers were holding a benefit tournament for those poor dears who can only strike with the tip of the blade."

Sadly, it was not a benefit. I went to a class at Mid-South Fencing for "Saber Fencing for Foil (and Epee) Fencers". It was a great class, and I would recommend it to anyone that fits the bill. It was certainly everything I needed.

I think I did okay, except for my tendency to retreat and counter. Somethings are just too implanted in me. I may have picked up a thing or two that I can add to my epee game. I also got in some fencing, without competing. I think I needed this, as I have been fencing so poorly of late. I needed a positive experience.

Stephen is a great coach/instructor, and I learned some new games to take back to the Greensboro kids. I think he needs to design a program called, "Epee Fencing for Sabre Fencers". He is in a target rich environment.

Unfortunately, I used my time and money up on Saturday and will miss the CFA tournament today. I think this is just as well, as again, I think I need a little break from competition.

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Courtney said...

sometimes a break from competition is good for you :) glad you enjoyed the sabre class! i miss my slashy weapon from time to time.