Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Random Thoughts

Best Fencing Web Sites

In my opinion, the best fencing web site would be Facebook, coupled with Ask Fred.

While you do not see a lot of young fencers posting on Divisional forums or Fencing Net, they are on Facebook. Coaches; fencing parents and coach spouses, all communicate there. People say “thank you” for hosting events. They congratulate those that did well in tournaments. They socialize and form a sense of community.

The list goes on and on. Yep….it gets my vote.

The Sword

I personally think the sword is generally an inferior weapon. It is better than a knife or club, but it starts falling off after that.

It generally only puts you on equal footing when you are facing an opponent who is also armed with a similar sword.

Yet we constantly romanticize it. I would dare to say that it is out of this romantic notion that fencing continued. Long after there was any use for such a weapon, fencing and fencing related sword sports still survive.


There is the above mentioned romanticism. There is viewing fencing as sport, totally unrelated to the sword.

I have wondered of late, if it might be that there is something spiritual about it.

I think in most sports you can find something or some element that has a spiritual or meditative nature.

Comparing fencing spirituality to something like Bushido would be going WAY overboard. I am thinking spiritual in a much smaller way.

I have read scientific explanations for being “in the zone” and found them lacking.

I have often wondered about that thing inside your mind, that tells you to do a fencing action…..but without conscious though.

Both those actions happen in other sports as well.

I have come to no conclusion on the spirituality of fencing or if there is spirituality unique to fencing and unlike the spirituality found in other sports. It is not a topic you can bring up many places. People will look at you funny. It has just been on mind recently.

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