Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift

For Christmas I received a book entitled,"The Care and Feeding of All Things Fencing" by Michael Mergens.

If your armoury skills are mediocre at best (like me)I would highly recommend this book.

It covers all that you would expect and more in layman's terms. It covers from reels to lames.

I have been thinking of late (Sense I got this nice gift.) about fencing books.

Unless you are very new to fencing, there is not a lot to be gained by most fencing books. There are of course several exceptions to that statement.

I would recommend the following to anyone who has not read them.

"By the Sword" by Richard Cohen (For History )

"Epee 2.0" by Johan Harmenberg (For advance tactics in epee and history.)

"One Touch at a Time" by Aladar Kogler (For the mental game of fencing...though some things are a bit far out.)

"The Complete Guide to Fencing" by Barth/Beck (For chapters on teaching young fencers.)

Books I would not recommend are:

"Strength Training for Fencers" by Harry James. (This is a great book for physical fitness,but in no way I can find is it " fencing specific".)

"Epee Fencing: a complete system" by Imer Vass (This book has some value, but it is mostly drills and drills are open to interpretation and to difficult to understand in most instances through the written word."

I think that in the future fencing books should come with a DVD or be e-books in some fashion. They need to be somehow.....interactive.

I have never read a e-book. Perhaps there is a way in that format to combine the written word with action pictures and audio. Imagine how nice it would be for the new fencer to be able to hear fencing vocabulary words pronounced as you read or to see movements that explain RoW.

It would also be wonderful to see those old pictures of classical fencers with their off weapon hand held high to disappear.


Courtney said...

one book, though not on fencing, i would 200% recommend is: "The Inner Game Of Tennis." When I almost quit fencing (yes, it did happen) this book got me back in to the playing of a game, and retaught me how to survive in - and enjoy - competition again.


P. Rashid, Sport-Fencing Artist said...
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P. Rashid, Sport-Fencing Artist said...

Great list Jim! I especially love "By the Sword"!

I would add,if I may be so bold, "Fencing is My Life" by Sergie Golubitsky and "Closing the Distance" by Jeff Bukantz.

Both greatly inspired me and got me through a rough fencing patch.

Happy New Year!