Monday, December 14, 2009

CFA Tournament

Sunday, I fenced in an epee tournament at Charlotte Fencing Academy.

I was forth out of pools and had a bye. I finished sixth for the day.

I blew my knee Friday. These joint problems are starting to make me feel my age.

I had my knee wrapped under my sock and another brace over that one. It did not seem to bother me in pools and even at my best, I doubt that I would have done better in my DE unless I had my choice of opponents.

Note to self: Brian showed me something after the tournament. I realised that I have forgotten how to check forward. I can check backwards well. When the knee gets better, I need to work on this. This also made me think that I need to work on my slide as well. It is footwork that I rarely have used and I need to go back and review.

After the tournament, we went to Mid Town for dinner with the CFA folks.

I wish I could study with them, but so many things prohibit that. I think they have the best epee training in the state.

Brian talked to me about my need to become more proficient at setting up attacks. This is the biggest single item I need to work on. I know this. But it is the biggest mystery to me in fencing. I get parts of it, but I am missing parts as well.

Henri had an idea concerning getting a group of "over 30" (some well over) fencers together and trying to negotiate a package deal with a club that would better meet our needs.

For example: Conditioning is important, but you can do that on your own. If you work all day and have a long commute to a club, you don't want to waste time getting lessons after you are exhausted. Couple that with a long commute back and you need a time slot/lesson plan that works better for the "over 30" crowd. Of course you need enough "over 30" folks to make this worth a clubs time. There is the problem.

Coach is moving back to Chapel Hill, so group lessons from him in Greensboro will be a thing of the past.

Tommy may be able to coach a competitive class, but his job and studies should always come first.

I love working with Coach, but it may be time to rethink about were I study. A 10 minute private lesson and a couple of bouts before half the salle fills with karate people just isn't going to do it. On the other hand, I really admire Coach and like working with him. For my part, we are friends. What to do....what to do?

Or it could be that I should just except that I fence at the level I do and roll with it. Pick up what you can ....when you can....and quit obsessing about it. That sounds negative, but it may not be. Nor would it mean I love the sport any less.


Rocco said...

Jim, I should be good to do the comp. class next semester, though I will be leaving class at 7. maybe a little earlier depending if the class lets out (stupid night classes!) Ill figure this out over break!

kalee0from0fencing said...

Hello. I'm very glad there is someone else out there on the net who blogs about their fencing escapades, or lack thereof. I haven't really found anyone else who does... or I could be just not looking in the right places. Because that is entirely possible. Best of luck!