Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plodding Along With Fencing

Last night I helped a bit with getting an Intro class ready. Not much, but a little.
We had around eight new students in Greensboro. One was an adult.

Our club is mostly 12 and under these days. That is a good thing, but it makes finding someone to fence almost impossible.

Tommy worked with me a bit. He is trying to teach an old dog new tricks and has been very patient. We are working on attacking with the feet/weapon extending before the advance/attack is mostly from extension distance and makes a parry difficult.

Editors Note: Until recently, I thought there should be more names for common actions in fencing. I have come to the conclusion that is beyond impractical and that the language of fencing is complicated enough. I thought more about this as I tried to describe the action Tommy is trying to teach me.

This attack is not like any other I have ever used. I have no feeling for it. There is no automatic signal to my brain like you get when it is time to lunge or parry.
Maybe it takes time. maybe it is just different and you adjust to it. The answer is always on the strip.

Tonight, I head to UNC for a lesson. Maybe tonight I will get lucky and get in a bout or two before the karate class comes in at 8:15 and cuts the strips down to half.

I do not have a tournament I can get to until the ASU tournament on the 15th. I am looking forward to that. I could use a day in the mountains.

My big thing for fencing related activities this weekend is Cam's baby shower. Though I have three children, I have never been to one of these things. In my day it was a "women only" sort of thing. This one has guys and beer. I am strangely excited about the upcoming experience.

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