Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Sunday

Last Sunday I fenced at a NCFDP tournament in Chapel Hill.

I did not win a bout. Neither did my training partner.

My training partner is in a funk over fencing. Last Friday I experienced one of the worst family tragedies I have ever experienced in my life. (It is a personal matter and not one to be shared on line.) It was and is consuming me mentally.

I am sure that the funk and the travesty affected our performance a great deal.

On the other hand, we knew we were primarily canon fodder going in (We were simply out classed.) and were trying to look at it as just strip time. None the less I had expected better showings.

I am starting to believe that I will never fence significantly better than I do at this moment in time.

In part, it is due to age. Also training and strip time.

The limitations on training are (In regards to available clubs /places to train):
(The views below are incredibly brief and not all inclusive of information.)

Club 1. Good group lessons. No one to really fence with.

Club 2. Excellent technical training, but no one to fence with at an appropriate level and a lack of strips.

Club 3. I may be technically superior to the coach in blade work drills. I am not sure what I would learn or if there would be enough fencers available for decent strip time

Club 4. Drive time is to far away. Couple gas cost with dues and it may be to expensive. Also return trip would put arrival home very late at night.

I am starting to think that the training is not going to make that much difference in performance. It might....but how much?

Perhaps it is just time to do the best I can with what I have available.

I always told myself that I would compete as long as I felt like I was giving a decent account of myself. (The decent account thing has to be through my eyes only.)

I know that my level of fencing is in the " D and Under " category. I doubt I will be able to upgrade that.

Last week I won a small low level tournamnt. This week I was target practice in an A1 event.

The hardest thing in fencing is evaluating yourself. ( Well....that and getting kids to pair up or line up correctly for drills.)


cobalt said...

Pick the one where you're happiest. Always the best solution. Or make a new solution(Which was my answer...but...well. I'm psycho and don't have a family.)

Also, nothing wrong with being the tomato can. If you're actively getting good information how to improve, you can get better.

If it makes you feel any better, after doing alright against Tommy. I got to be the tomato can for K&K this past Friday in our practice. At least I can take some level of pride that I taught them all that stuff :P (Nothing more disconcerting than asking yourself, "How did I fall for the trap I told him how to do?")

Definitely a reminder of how far I've got to go to get back in top level fencing shape.

IMO, the hardest thing in fencing is trying to coach someone who just doesn't want to be there. Painful and hard to understand for me. It's just anti...me. I love training. Then again, as the mattacox would attest again: I'm psycho.

Kathz said...

Just sending best wishes.

I admire anyone who wins a tournament at any level. I have the same doubts but mostly I'm happy to be fencing, however incompetently.

Sometimes standing there with a sword in hand is a way and trying to out-wit and out-hit an opponent can be a way of setting other matters aside, and quite helpful for that reason. It doesn't always work but often it does.