Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Power = Good

Last night I went to club. There was an awful storm. At the club there was no power and it was to dark to fence, so club was canceled.

It is the one time during the week, when all the coaches are there at the same time.

It became an unplanned coaches meeting, which moved to Starbucks.

It was good. It was real good.

We did some planing. But more important, we socialized and had some fun together.

We had not done that in a long time.

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cobalt said...

Espirt de corps is massively important for a fencing school.

The "Midtown tradition" at CHFA isn't just so I can get beer and really good wings(Well, ok, that's part of it). It's also a chance for all of the senior fencers to joke around and bond. Also, it's a good place to openly talk about things. People tend to be a little more honest/open when they've had a few.

It's a good thing for all the senior fencers to be on the same page.

We also hold a party for all fencers at least twice a year. Need to make certain the kids are all talking and socializing with each other...