Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Week ....So Far.

Monday: I went to club in Greensboro. I have no idea why I go that night.
Took a lesson with Tommy on a simple action. I practiced this action Thursday and tried to incorporate it in bouting without success.

Wednesday: Subbed for Cam and taught epee. Cam is "way" pregnant, and she worked with the two eight year old kids.

Coach got there late, and mostly we talked. There is a possibility that Guilford College and Wake Forest kids may come to the club for lessons. May work out...may not. We will see.

I watched Coach make his first contact with Nicole under NCAA rules in an effort to recruit her to UNC. I have seen this several times with different kids I know, but it is always special and cool when it is a kid you care a lot about.

Thursday: Private lesson with Coach at UNC. I did well. You measure this by the number of number of " good jobs" and "high fives" you get from Coach. The hard part is attacking in 4 with opposition, holding in 4 for the remise. I am so trained to do 6 and circle six that it is hard to make it instinctive.

Sharing the space with a karate class is becoming a problem. I go there mostly for private lessons with Coach. But, also for strip time. I can't get meaningful strip time in Greensboro as most of the kids are 12.

By the time the karate class shows up at 8:15, you have warmed up....maybe had one bout and a private lesson. After that, there are alot of people competing for four strips. Really good fencers like to fence really good it is hard for us intermediate folks to sort of find a place.

What to do.....what to do.....about strip time?

Sunday: I plan on fencing at a tournament at UNC on Sunday. I feel that I should do this, even though I will be the oldest and lowest rated fencer there. There is a "U", but he is a "C" foilist. This will not be good for confidence, but I feel I should go.

I looked at a KOS tournament for today. It seemed more my speed, but UNC is kind of "home" so I guess I will go get the crud beat out of me there.

Hey!....I just might learn something.

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Meredith said...

Your coach is quite charitable. I used to measure my progress by how many welts I had on my leg at the end of an epee lesson (fewer welts=good lesson)!