Monday, September 21, 2009

First Tournament of the Season

Epee Regional Youth Circuit (RYC)

I know what you are thinking. Jim.....Youth Circuit.....RYC???? Okay.....not about me.

However, two fencers from the Greensboro Fencing Club (Formally the Downtown Fencing Club)journeyed to Georgia for the Epee Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) DFC. Both Margaret Bertoni and Charlotte Hatcher are twelve years old. Charlotte tied for third place in the 12 and under, but had the misfortune to fence her teammate in DE's and went out.

Margret Bertoni took first place. Not only did she take first place in the 12 year old event, but she moved up to fence in the 14 year old event and took first place there as well.


The Three Musketeer Picture (Above)

Nicole thought it was "geeky". However, this is Nicole's last year fencing with us before she heads off to ECU. I wanted a picture of the three of us like this as a keepsake.

I was sentimental, but they turned on me and hit me with double toe shots.

Sharon posted on Face Book: "The "after" picture of the three musketeers should have been Henri with the ice pack on her chest, you with the ice pack on your shoulder and Nicole with the ice pack on her forehead!"

CFA Tournament

I fenced my first tournament of the season at Charlotte Fencing Academy this weekend.
I did not fence well or do as well as I hoped, but I had a good time.

It was a well run and friendly event.

Nicole had a slow start in pools. In her first DE she was down 6-1 in the first period. She came back and won it! It was truly an exciting finish. She also did well in her second DE.

I was very proud of Henri. She fenced well in pools and won her first DE against a much taller seasoned opponent. She went out to the kid that won the event in her next DE, but gave a good showing of herself for the day.

Editors Note: I noticed at this tournament (more and more) that people just LOVE Henri. "Poor deranged souls", I wanted to cry out. " Don't you realize that when the devil takes human form, that he takes a look that is cute and non-threatening!"

Me.....I am just the "old guy" that hangs out with Nicole and Henri. ~ heavy sigh ~

I will look at this event as practice and strip time. If things go well, I will fence tournaments the next two weekends. I will just see how it goes.

Sabre for Non-Sabreist

I was talking with Stephen Pashby about a class he wants to start that deals with teaching some basic sabre to people that don't fence sabre. I thought that sounded interesting, as I am always looking to learn a little something new.

I thought I would talk to the coaches in Greensboro and see if they would be interested in hosting something like this.

I had a good weekend. What more can you ask?

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cobalt said...

Well a couple of thoughts in the Henri lovers defense:

1.) If you came up and hugged us like that, it would be reeeeeeeally awkward.

2.) We're used to seeing you fence pretty good. Rusty yes, but still pretty steady stuff. Confidence and a bit more of a forward game might help. The jump Henri made since last season was huuuge. Her mind is calm, her plan is pretty solid. And if people mistake her for all cuddly and cute, she'll beat people before they realize what happened.

3.) Ok...I felt really bad about that collarbone smash Sam put in. Particularly since I just told him to clean up the lunge. Boy really needs to relax. He's always EXTREMELY tense. And it comes out in the shoulder of his extension. Which causes the blade to go the wrong way. Which causes rough hits to be rougher unnecessarily. It's epee, it happens, and we all know it...but still...don't like to cause avoidable damage to your opponent (*cough* unless it's warranted...but that's another post...)

Additional note: The transformation of Nicole mid DE was fun to watch. I was talking with Shane/Tommy about how you could tell she was a little out of practice with how everything was more up and over and not linear with her footwork(Same thing with my footwork when I'm out of practice). Then she started to get her knees bent and found her balance. Then things changed quickly.

Only reason she lost the bout with Gover was she abandoned a successful plan too early. He couldn't deal well with her straight attack, it was too correct/crisp. His parries and angulation are fairly weak(He practices maybe 1 day a week). He didn't have a good answer other then to trick her out of it.