Monday, September 28, 2009

The Day at Fetzer

Sunday I fenced at a UNC tournament.

In preregistration, I was ranked at the bottom of the barrel. As I was the oldest and lowest ranked epeeist and as I had a bit of knowledge about most of the fencers coming, I looked at the event as an opportunity to get in some strip time. The cost: 10 dollars and getting the crud beat out of me.

There were 16 or 17 fencers in the field. Results are not posted at the time of this writing for me to double check.

I see myself as a "D and Under" kind of fencer. The closest rated fencer to me in pools was a "D" and I won that bout. It was the only victory in a pool of 5. (I think it was 5.)

As I said, my only goal for the tournament was to get in strip time. I hoped to NOT come in last, but I was pretty sure I would. I fenced the young man that came in second in my only DE. He was rated 5th and I was 12th out of pools. The results are not posted, but I don't think I was last. So....Yay!

The kid who won the event, was a World Cup guy from France. I am glad I got to see him fence. Tommy saw different things than I did as we watched him. The thing that most impressed me was an action I had never seen. He had a " waiting fleche". This
is like a " waiting lunge" or a feint of a lunge. Cool!

I stayed to watch the Women's epee event. I am glad I did. I pulled for my teammate and the vets.

I had a strip coaching experience like I had never had before. The situation was simplistic, but I recognized it and knew just what to do. I also knew when it was time to go back to the game plan. It worked perfectly.

In women's epee, Kerry and Jordan tied for third. Henri took second. Anna (?) took first.

I helped clean up as the day drew to a close. I wanted to go eat and talk fencing with my teammates, but dinner was waiting at home.

I so love fencing at a venue that has showers!

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cobalt said...

Go Vets!!

Anytime younger fencers quickly learn that there's a mental portion to this epee/fencing stuff, we're all better off.