Saturday, August 15, 2009

North Carolina Divisional Observer

I have just returned home from my training to be a North Carolina Divisional Observer.

The material was informative and well presented.

Shortly into the training, it became even more apparent that this is a job without any joy in it at all. Perhaps I am wrong and have just not found it yet.

You cannot fence or ref. You have responsibilites prior to the event and after. But, through the whole long day of fencing you don't really do "jack".

I can read for a while. I can socialize for a while or work on repairing weapons, but after that it is like being on a flight to Hong Kong.

Still, the goal here is to serve the fencers. I guess an observer just has to "cowboy up".


I had one question during the training.

It seems that 24 hours after the tournament, the organizers are to have the results posted on

24 hours after that, observers are to have verified the ask.fred results, completed pertinent forms, and sent results to the Divisional Secretary.

I asked, " Why the rush?"

Part of the answer was, the fencers want immediate gratification, and they want to be able to use their shiny new rating at next week's tournament.

My thought is, if someone needs immediate gratification, then fencing is not the sport for them. In fact, I can't think of a sport where immediate gratification is part of the equation.

From my own personal experience with events posted on ask FRED, I have found the following:

A. If you are embarrassed or demoralized by your results in a tournament, they will be posted on ask FRED by the time you drive home.

B. If you did well in a tournament, those results will be posted DAYS later, when everyone except you has forgotten about it.

What brought up my question in the first place was, it was stated that if the tournament organizers did not have the info posted on ask FRED within 24 hours, and the observer could not do his part in the following 24 hours, then the event could be at risk of losing it's recognition as a sanctioned tournament.

I must say, that does not seem like it is serving the interest of the fencers.


cobalt said...

But taking weeks/months to process a rating change does help the fencer? Because that's why that rule was put in place.

The fencers are our customers, they're within their rights to want quick service.

Saying, "Cause that's the way it always has been.", only leaves us continuing to tread water against other sports that DON'T have a problem doing this.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how long should it take a club to post results on ask fred? I can think of one club, on two separate tournaments, that NEVER posted the results on ask fred. Yes, I would like to see, at least within a couple days, the tournament results posted.

In what sport is there not a need for immediate gratification? I can't think of one in which the team or individual athlete would not want to see how/where they finished. I don't think it's unreasonable for a fencer to expect to see his results posted within 24 hours of a tournament.