Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jim's Week in Fencing

Monday: I helped teach a beginner class, consisting of 1 student. The little guy is a quick learner with good footwork and a tight circle six. (For an eight year old.)

Tuesday: NCFDP opened for the first gathering. I had a good lesson with Coach and did well.

Fencing was another story. I fenced Alex. The last time we fenced (May, I think) the score was the score was 15-14. My personal best against this good Russian fencer. This time it was the most embarrassing score I can remember. So much that I am not going to put it in print.

In reflecting on why, the things I am aware of are:

A. I need to open up the distance.
B. For some unknown reason ( lately) I feel compelled to attack. Not good attacks that are set up, but simple direct attacks. I use to love to counter. What the heck happened to me?
C. I am impatient. I always thought patience and using time was something I had a good handle on. Time to think again.

Perhaps I just need more strip time to make up for my months of not fencing.

Coach went out of his way to introduce me to his friend Coach Jim Murray from John Hopkins. Jim lost his job there for some reason. I "Googled" him when I got home to learn more about him. Interesting that he had taught wheel chair fencing in Kinston.
I also found that a Jim Murray was in the US Fencing Hall of Fame. That Jim Murray died in 1954. I wonder if he was related.

Wednesday: I did some light fencing in Greensboro.

Thursday: I did my Tai Chi Class. I may have found something that would be of benefit at a tournament. I would have to go some place private to do it though, I would feel to self conscious doing this in front of a crowd of people.

Friday: We did a very successful demo and had at least six new kids sign up for a beginner class. I did not do a lot of talking to parents, I was more a visual aid. I fenced on and off for three hours. (This was good for me.)

There was talk of using the new space for divisionals or sectionals. I hope there was conversation with using tape on the courts and the mess a bunch of fencers can make.


Ruth in NC said...

I found your blog thru google. We live in High Point and I am looking for fencing classes for a 13yo boy. I wonder if you might be able to help me.

Thanks for any help.
Patsy Manning

Rocco said...

The greensboro fencing club offers a good starting environment. I have started fencing with them when they where over in the city and help when I can nowadays. It's definately worth looking into. Hope to see you around!

Jim- see ya wednesday? I will be driving down to Charlotte if you or Henri want to join me....