Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raleigh and Las Vegas


Sunday, I fenced in a RFC tournament.

There were 18 or 19 people preregistered for the epee event---only 11 showed up.

In the first set of pools, I only won one bout.

In the second set of pools, I only lost one bout. (Moderately long story on the second set of pools thing.) At least we got in some extra practice, because that is what it was.

The inconsistency of my results is something I ponder. Am I like an old car? Does it just take me a while to warm up? Do I fence better when I am a little ticked off? I know Nicole does. Though being angry does nothing.....it has to be just a little ticked off. Or is it just kind of a crap shoot at certain levels?

Oh well.....I am bored with thinking about that already. Moving on.

Las Vegas

Monday, after being in a plane for about six hours and in airports for about four hours, I went to The Fencing Academy of Nevada Las Vegas.

The lady at the desk was really nice and went out of her way to introduce me to people and see that I got to fence.

The first thing I noticed was a bevy of tiny teenage girls fencing epee, wearing FIE whites with "USA" on their jackets. They looked both cute and menacing.....and they certainly were the later.

There were at least 2 Delgado's there. I must remember to tell Mario. Perhaps I just did.

I pretty much got the tar beat out of me by all ages. I fenced 3 times with long breaks in between. I was tired, though not being tired would have made little difference.

I watched a young woman foil coach give elegant private lessons. Always with footwork and covering distance.

I studied the way these people fenced. There was nothing fancy about it, though they were clearly high level fencers. It looked like Olympic fencing with less distance between the fencers. I clearly do not understand elements of higher level fencing. That is okay. If I did, I would lose the fun of trying to figure things out.

I met the big guys there, shook hands and said hello. That was about all I was expecting. I am just not the kind of guy that can strike up a conversation. Besides, they were busy.

I watched Maitre Auriol talk to fencers with a look or a glance. He looked at his watch when a fencer came in late. More than once I saw him give a disapproving look to someone bouting. It evidently is all that needed to be said.

I headed out early , as I was tired and not certain I could find my hotel if it was very dark.

I talked to the nice lady at the desk again and asked her, " Is this the begining class? Cause if it is, I want be back on Wednesday for the advanced class." ( I wanted to be there on Monday, as I thought the people would be closer to my level of fencing.) She laughed and told me the people fencing were the regulars and that I was holding my own. She told me to come back on Wednesday, and I will.

One the things of interest to me at the salle was a quote from Maitre Yves Auriol hanging on the wall.

It said, " The answer is on the strip."

I love simple truths. They are the best.

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cobalt said...

Sounds like a warmup routine issue IMO. You probably need longer to warmup to get everything moving right. I know my knees don't move right until a good bit of warmup. It's also mental warmup as well.