Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little More

Photo courtesy of John Rae. Must be his touch. Our pool bout was 1-0. I hate boxes without clocks.

Today I fenced in the Divisional tournament

I had a tough pool. Justin Jacobs beat me 5-3. John Rae beat me 1-0. Robert Thomas beat me 5-4, and I beat Keith Liggett 5-4. I finished last in pools.

That sounds bad, and it is, BUT in my mind it tells me that what I need is a little more. Not a lot more....a little more. I did not get waxed by anyone. The question in my mind is (at my age) can I eek out a little more?

I fenced Philip Allen (from ECU) in my one and only DE. I had never fenced him before, but I have noted that he has done well in tournaments on the coast, and he finished in the final four of the tournament. He had me down something like 6-2 in the beginning. Then he ticked me off a bit. So, I ticked him off a bit in return. I figure between that, and the fact that he became over confident, I rallied a bit and finished 15-13.

And...........I am done for the day.

So....if I need a little bit more.....what do I need?

Well, some of it I don't know, so I will have to seek those people out that do know.

These are my goals:

1. I have no "flick" except for lower body targets for some reason. I fenced french for so long I never developed a good "flick".

2. Tempo changing moves. " slow hands", " slow finish...perhaps changing lines" I know what this means. It is hard to explain.

3. I need some basic target practice from in fighting to advance-lunge distance. I know what this means as well. The weather is warming up. I can do this.

4. My basic feint-deceive needs work.

5. I am going to work on taking the blade in "4"...slight extension. Again...I know what this means. I really think this is too complex an action to work for me, but I like it so much as a drill, I am going to give it a try.

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