Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Week at Fetzer Gym

Thursday evening I went to UNC for my private lesson with Coach.

I had taken the month of March off, as between spring break, NCAA events, and my own traveling, there just wasn't any time for lessons.

It was a different sort of evening. The few people that were there were adults. (I am never sure how to classify the college aged fencer.) The exception being Max and a UNC foilist.

There were two new foilists I would guess to be in their late 30's . They were taking lessons with whacky whackers.

We talked with coach for a moment and then went over and sat down at THE table to pay my dues.

Mostly only coaches or long time students sit at THE table.

I am sure that at some point I have sat at this table before, but if I did it was just for a moment. However this night, we sat at THE table and talked with Coach. Josh joined us later in the conversation. I know it is a silly kind of thing and may never happen again...but I felt kind of honored. It is hard to verbalize....honored is not the right word.....but it is something akin to that.

Prior to sitting at THE table, we talked with Coach for a bit. He was kind enough to go with the DFC leadership on Wednesday night and look at our potential new space. We talked about that for a while. It was great of him to take the time to do that.

Henri vocalized her frustration with how she was doing in competition. Coach told both of us that we should not judge ourselves (our progress) through local tournaments, but only when we fence someone our own age. I pointed out to that we were "late bloomers" and some of the people that we fence have been doing it sense they were very young.

I don't know how I feel about Coach's advice. I would need to have a Vet 50 person fill out a short questionnaire every time I fenced one. I am still thinking about this.

I am sure there may come a time when I will need to find other ways to judge myself other than local tournaments. But....not yet. I judge myself in the "D and Under"...(sometimes "C and Under" if I am feeling frisky) types of Divisional competition. I don't necessarily have to beat a C fencer to feel that I did okay. I think I have a fairly realistic assessment of my abilities.

I did something to my back last Sunday. I came home from Divisionals and mowed the yard. I also stayed bent over pulling weeds for a long time. The next morning I was hurting bad.

I never had lower back pain before. There is something that will make you feel and move like an old person!

Next week, we have two new students in the beginner class. Lessons and fencing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday I will be in Tennessee on business.

Sunday I hope to compete in the RFC tournament.

The week after I will be in Vegas again for a week. Crud!


cobalt said...

I don't know if I 100% agree with that advice, I can kind of agree with the general idea...

Y'all shouldn't be overly concerned with results, and the unfortunately truth is you won't become Olympic champions. Hell, world vet championships is going to be a pain in the neck.

However, I've got a vet women's foil fencer that seems to scare most of the other girls in this state. And she didn't "really" start 'til about 7 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Correction to Toomey's statement: He has a vet women's foil fencer who scares the daylights of most other PEOPLE in this state (or at least those that train with her).

cobalt said...

True. There's an argument that she could have won the mens. It wasn't too tough, and she's beaten most of the top 8.