Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brief Post

Private Lessons

My private lessons have not been going all that well of late.

I concentrate on my standard problems and a new one pops up.

The new one is pulling back my weapon arm. It is partly because my advance is too large.

RFC Tournament

Heading to Raleigh early tomorrow morning. Looking at the pre-registration, I would say the odds are not good of hitting a mark better than expected. Still, hope springs eternal.

Once more, the three musketeers will be together.


Another business trip to Vegas is about to have a couple of bright spots, as I hope to head to a Las Vegas fencing club and some bouting.

There are a number of well known coaches at that club.

I doubt that I will get to talk with them. But I will be happy just checking out the club and getting a bit of strip time.

I have been instructed to post on how that goes. That will give me something to do on the two nights I will not fence. Yay!

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