Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watching, the Knee and NAC

(Photo is of an older Duke meet and courtesy of Susun Coleman)


This week, I spent some time watching fencing.

I was at Duke last Saturday to watch that event. It is such a wonderful environment for fencing. It was a beautiful warm day and I enjoyed the morning.

It is a small item, but one thing of interest was in the Duke fencing room. Alex had taken old worn out masks and painted them with flags form different countries. It was a creative way to recycle and well done.

This Saturday, I went to a foil tournament in my home town and watched fencing there. It was a team meet hosted by Delta H. I believe all the dozen or so attendees were from the club. It was a good facility and people were very nice.

Even though I fence in Greensboro, I had never been to this club. I had always meant to, but the nights they fence are the nights I fence. I was pleased to find that they do fence electric. I had heard that they only fenced dry.

My Dad's Knee

This week I also went to the doctor about my knee. I have torn something and it is moving around in there. I also have arthritis in a couple of spots. (Some bone on bone kind of thing.)

This bothers me a bit. I watched my Dad have trouble with his knees and elbows and I am pretty much his clone. I have always thought of something like this as an "old guy" thing.

I took a lesson Tuesday and fenced on it to see how it would hold up. It seemed okay and the medicine I have worked well. It does make me a little "spacey"...even more so than usual.

It has always been my plan to continue fencing as long as I feel I can give a decent account of myself or until my body betrays me. The knee signals my body's first betrayal. I don't count the weight or the lack of flexibility in my legs. This worries me, because while it is not the end of fencing, it may be signaling the beginning of the end.

Yes, there are old guys out there doing well and there are certainly people fencing with worse things than a bad knee. Still, I am more concerned about fencing than the knee.

I would guess that I have competed in around 70 tournaments sense the fall of 2005.
That is a fair amount in my book. One of the reasons I have done so many is that I knew that I would most likely have a limited time to compete and I wanted to have a lot under my belt if I had to hang it up. I thought if I did this,and I could not fence, that I might make a decent assistant coach or a ref. I am not sure that I would want to be involved with fencing if I could not actually participate though.

This is something late blooming vets think about from time to time.

The NAC in Atlanta

At the end of this month, I competing in the Vet 50-59 epee event in Atlanta. Why I am doing this is beyond me. You aren't going to find to many low rated guys in this event. I guess I want the experience, as I only fenced in one North American Cup event before.

I want to pull for a wheel chair fencer friend of mine that will be there and shop
the fencing vendors.

My knee and I really wonder why we are doing this.

Next week I will miss valuable training time, as I must work in Las Vegas. ( Note: There is nothing fun or interesting about what I am doing there and I hate Vegas. I am a child of the South. I need humidity and trees.)

When I get back there is a good sized epee tournament in Durham that I have registered for. It is a high rated event and I will not do well there.

On one hand it would be good practice for the upcoming NAC, on the other hand getting the heck beat out of you does not put you in the most confident mood.

Then there is the knee question. Should I save it, or use it.

On a positive note, I will not be fencing in Vegas, so that might be good for the knee.

I will figure the rest out when I return.

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