Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still Waiting to Fence

A Place to Hang Medals

There was a post on Fencing Net that talked about how people displayed their medals.

I posted these pictures and explanation there.

I thought I would do the same in my journal.

The epee/medal holder is basically a sconce with a piece of wood fashioned to the top to hold an epee.

The wood is maple. Before finishing it, I applied a black paint to the carving and then sanded it off, leaving it just
in the recessed areas. I was going for an "old world" kind of feel. is a bit over the top.....but I enjoy making things and I was an art major.

I don't think I have done anything "arty" sense I made that a year or two ago. I am starting to feel the urge again.

A Phrase I Liked

In my daily readings of the Fencing Net Forum I sometimes read the journal of a Virgina coach. His name is Allen Evans. In one of the sub-categories of the forum, he posted a phrase that I liked in regards to epee. In the context he wrote it, it was not speaking specifically about epee. Though in my mind. it could be a defining term for the weapon.

"One of the things every fencer learns is the concept of "active patience": doing something to keep you ready for an opportunity to seize the advantage. While you wait for a good opportunity to come to you (or a chance to make one for yourself -- also a valuable fencing skill) "

"Active patience"....I like that term.

Next Week

I was looking forward to fencing again next week. I will be able to help teach a beginner class on Monday, but on Tuesday (and perhaps longer) I must travel on business.


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