Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday Anniversary

I feel a bit self-conscious because there is now a link to my journal on North Carolina Fencing Org.

I thought about this for a long time. I am not changing anything. I will just write as usual.


My young friend Tommy Dietz got his "A" rating last weekend at the Hangover in Richmond. I am just one of a number of people who are very proud of him. He worked hard to achieve this and he certainly earned it. He was fortunate to have ended up in Charlotte Fencing Academy. Nice job Brian!

Fencing is and has been one of the most important things in Tommy's life. He has a bad knee and needs to take care of it. It is my hope that he will rest and heal for a time after achieving this part of his fencing goal. He says he will. I plan on staying on his butt to do this. I am sure his coach will and a number of other people as well. If you are reading this and know Tommy, feel free to ride him about taking care of himself. I would like to think that he will still be fencing and able to fence when he is my age.

Vet Tournament

I just returned from fencing in a small Vet Tournament in Charlotte.(7 people) I think I came in dead last. Maybe next to last. I really did not see that happening. I know that seems immodest, but I really didn't. I moved okay in some bouts and once in a while landed a good touch, but something was wrong. I am too tired to ponder it. Perhaps I will beat myself up over it later. : )

On the other hand, my little pal Henri did well and finished above me. I was really proud of her performance against the all guy field.

I stunk but I enjoyed being with the group of Vets and seeing some people that I had not seen in a while. Even though I was the big loser, I felt a little cool, as Grace and Henri....and later Deb....were in my corner.

Next week Raleigh. I hope to do a bit better.

What to Do About Will?

Most of the fencers at DFC are around 10 to 12 years old. There is a young epeeist named Will. He wants to compete. His parents want him to compete. Sadly, Will is 13 years old. He is very, very small for his age. He does not fence well and I cannot tell if he is ADD or is just " all boy". It is something you can't ask a parent.

The next 14 year old event I found was in Charlottesville, VA. I figure he would get creamed only mildly less in that event than in an adult event.

The only thing I can think of to give him a taste of competing is an in club tournament.

It is either that or just let the chips fall were they may.

I need to think on this a bit more.

Free Ride?

During one of my bouts at the Vet tournament, John Rea talked to Henri about taking a Divisional position. I found this out later.

He asked her if she did not think it was time for the "free ride" to be over.

I wonder if John was aware that Henri has been involved in every single Divisional event for the last two years? (Not to mention the State Games.)

Free ride?..hmmmmmmm.


There was a new young fencer Friday night and I was talking to his Mom concerning the usual FAQ.

She turned to me and asked me why we compete?

Why....we....compete? I was taken aback and left speechless for a moment.

The standard sports answers spun around in my mind and I think I babbled some stock reply.

Why do you compete? That is a question I need to dwell on for a while.


Tomorrow I will have been fencing 5 years. This weekend's tournament was not the uplifting event that I would have chosen as a prelude.

Right now I don't know if I want to go through the whole reflective bit again this year.....but I might.

Note: Thanks to my editor for clearing an even greater amount of typos and grmatical errors than my usual post.


Anonymous said...

Well let's see, if you finished last was there any other place for Henri to finish ... but above you? Sorry I just had to say that... C:

cobalt said...

Thanks! I was fortunate that Tommy had 4 things going in his favor when he got here:

- Solid foundation of footwork/bladework. Let me skip a lot of steps and get to tactics pretty quickly.
- Strong desire to learn
- Strong work ethic
- Strong support system around him.

He actually has the potential to go a lot further than just the letter IMO.

Fortunately, anytime he gets too crazy...I'm going to point to my knees and remind him that he has time and let recovery do it's magic.

Why we compete? Everyone comes up with there own reasons. In my opinion

1.) Test our skills against new competitors and find where we need to improve.
2.) We're all aiming for the best at a certain level.
3.) Only through competition can you see the best and worst aspects of your personality and come to terms with them. (They're not always positive, but that's part of the coach's job is to help focus that)

Indigo said...

First congratulations on 5 years. No matter what skill level, that much dedication is worth something.
Secondly kudos for linking your journal into another fencing site. It's never an error to display what you know, especially when you ask how it can be improved. As for the student being ADD. If your worried his attention disorder may interfere with his learning ability, I don't see fault with bringing it up.

On a completely different note, thank you dear friend, for your kind words, for always reading, the graphic you sent me. For most of all being you, a kind hearted gentleman, a true friend. (Hugs)Indigo