Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heading Toward More Holidays

Tuesday: I did well in my private lesson with Coach Miller, getting through twelve drills in 13 minutes. Of course, when I play the " What was Coach REALLY thinking game " on the ride home it could be that he just wanted to end the year with a positive note. He will build you up sometimes. None the less, I felt pretty good about it Guess it worked.

Wednesday: Good group lesson. Next week Coach is in Florida, so it will be open fencing.

Friday: I went to the "Y" to do battle in getting Coach's money. I had a plan. I got conformation that my company had cut a check to the "Y" for $500.00 ( a grant for me to use because I volunteer there) I beat the check there and asked if they had gotten the check. They had not. They like talking to people who give money, so they came down and talked to me.( In fencing terms, I offered an invitation.) That is when I requested they use that check to pay Coach. What could they say? I think we have this ironed out now.

Saturday: I fenced at a CFFA tournament in Wilmington. I finished second in pools. I missed being first by one indicator. I should point out that it was an easy pool. So no big deal there.

There were 20 people in the epee event and I was seed 6th after pools. Slightly higher than the original seed.

In my first and last DE I fenced a tall kid with long arms from SNB. I would guess by the hair cut that he is in the militarily. John F. who was seeded 11th. Shortly in to the bout I was down by seven points. I rallied a bit, but could not catch up. He was ahead and I had to attack. He liked to step back and counter ( my game) and I just could not reach him. (Nice work Meridith.)

Looking at the field, I would have guessed that anyone in the top eight original seed had a shot at medalling. I thought I was one of those with a shot. Oh well! As Sharon ( Nicole's mom) would say....." Sucks for you". That always makes me smile. You would just have to see her say it to understand. ( While I am thinking about Sharon. I would like to point out that often when I am at tournaments, I am in the company of three dark haired beauties and I just feel WAY or loose. Where the heck was my support?!)

In my last tournament I thought something clicked and I might be leveling up. After my bad showing perhaps this is not the case. On the other hand I am going to look at the next 2 or 3 events and see how I do. Then I will try to come to some sort of conclusion.

On my way back to our beach house from the tournament, I stopped at the ocean to reflect on the day. ( Read reflect as sulk.) I think I got it out of my system. I thought I was over that sort of thing. I should try to " man up" a little myself.

I talked to my wife ( Anne) about my mediocre showing at the event. She said I should be proud at my age to be out there competing. I thought about that for a long time. I know she meant it to be supportive, even though to me it sounds a little left handed.

I still think I have some fight in me. I hope I am not fooling myself.

Guess I will see what the tournaments in 2009 bring. Hey....I am having fun. That should be the primary goal. Anything else is gravy.

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Linda S. Socha said...

A bit of a possible reality check here as an offering. You are barely out of your 40's...not even the half way mark. It very gutsy to take this on. I am a bit jealous:>)... Thanks for a lovely open post. Stop by for a visit at
Psyche Connections.