Saturday, November 22, 2008

Heros and Holidays


I went to Chapel Hill. The only people there were four young foilist. Everyone else was at the game. I need to check the papers more before I drive down. Coach's son had car trouble and he had to bail. I turned around and went back to Greensboro.


I told Coach about the trouble at the "Y" and with us getting his money out of them. I suggested that he forget about coming, until we see if we can get the money he is owed. He told us that he would finish out the semester. To say that was damn decent of him is just not enough. I don't know what to say about the man, but it is all good.

The "Y" is in dire straights and is now trying to sell the property to raise money to fix the problems and move to a new location. Under ordinary economic conditions that might have worked, but I don't see that happening under current circumstances.

What ever happens, I will continue to fence. I belong to two clubs and I will just go to UNC and continue if things go really bad. My main concern for Greensboro is the kids; community and keeping in contact with my fencing family.


Two days before the JO's, I see a blurb on the NCUSFA web site asking for help setting up. I told myself after last year, I was done with that. However, it was in Greensboro and I felt like it was the decent thing to do. So I sucked it up and went to help. This kind of thing is never enjoyable. The only time it is sort of that way is when you are brand new to the sport and it is your first time doing something like this. The only other time that I felt good about it was at the State Games. We had a good crew that time and everyone worked together and they were so appreciative.

There are unsung heroes in our division. People have no idea. Dennis is one. He is a armorer and fencer parent at Raleigh Fencers Club. Last season he was at every set up to help. It was the same for the JO event this weekend. He drives from Hillsboro to do this. He comes in and gets right to work. He is friendly, polite and a joy to be around. This is not always the case with everyone that shows up to "help". Everyone that is at these types of things does not really want to be there. You would never know this about Dennis.

If I could afford to throw a Divisional banquet and award ceremony, Dennis would get an award.

I find it odd that some of the people I admire most in our Division are not the best fencers. Sometimes they do not even fence.


I had to work in the morning, but made it over to watch some of the action at the Junior Olympics. I really enjoyed watching the young guns fence epee. I like the unique style of each of the better fencers as much as I like studying their fencing actions. You could watch a video of this kind of thing and it would not be the same. You have to hear and see the actions and comments of parents,coaches and refs. You have to glance around and see all the people that are connected to your life as a fencer milling about. All to soon, it was time to go. And while there will be more tomorrow, I must take care of things at home.

Next week is Thanksgiving and there will not be much in the way of fencing.

My next tournament ( if all goes well) will be in Wilmington the weekend of December 6th.

I am concerned about this one. In my last tournament, I felt like something finally clicked and I may be making a small step up in my fencing ability because of it. The more I think about it now, I wonder if I was just having a "good day" and I was wrong about something "clicking".

I also wonder about the " grip question". I have fenced with a French grip sense I started. I wonder about muscle memory. When I fence with a French grip, I pretty much play my standard game. That game is limited and my actions when I use that grip are somewhat standardized. (Due to muscle memory?) When I use the pistol grip that I have been doing drills with for the last two years, I think this may be a different type of muscle memory. One that is more in tune with what Coach Miller has patently been trying to teach me. I am not sure that this is true, it is just a theory that I have. I know this may not make sense,but I understand what I am writing about.

I guess I will find out more in my next tournament. Though I will try looking at the results of the next three or so, to form sort of opinion. One of the hardest things in fencing is evaluating yourself.


Cobalt said...

Was good to see ya Saturday. Glad you enjoyed watching them. It was a really fun epee tourney this time around. From a coach's point of view, a lot of things got worked on. And it was good to see that Max and Jacob have taken it up a notch. That'll be fun to watch progress (and have to coach fencers against! I <3 tough competition. )

Regarding armory, yeah. I was really a happy camper regarding that this year. Not quite as picky in the past, little slow in the beginning but ironed out at the end.

Regarding your competition. That's it, I'm ordering Amanda to slap you next time around. No negativity allowed by fencers (Only sarcasm :P ) I'm a big proponent of: If you did it once, you can do it again. No failure-oriented athletes allowed.

Sucks about the Y :/ I really hope you guys can figure out something soon as far as space.

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