Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Thought

Monday: Henri and I are coaching the beginner class, while Mario recovers from foot surgery.
We only had two new people, so they are getting a lot of attention. We worked together on a lesson plan for the 4 week session. It was interesting to do so and I enjoyed personalizing it. I was very satisfied with our approach until one of the students came in late and we had to split up to catch her up. I hope to be on track tomorrow.

Wednesday: A good group lesson with Coach Miller at the Downtown Fencing Club.

Thursday: I was very tired for some reason, but had an excellent private lesson at the NCFDP in Chapel Hill. I am entering a new phase of lessons and there will be less talking. Actually, there "should be less talking" if I don't error greatly. I often like to guess what Coach Miller is ACTUALLY thinking. I wonder if he thinks, " Well......The poor bastard is not going to get much better technically.....lets just move on." On the other hand, he complemented on the way I lead drills on Wednesday night and on my fleche.

I often wonder what it is like to see fencing from Coach Miller's perspective or from any good high level coaches perspective. I imagine that I look to them like someone that has been fencing a few months looks to me.

I am doing fine on lessons and I love what I am learning, but I am just not getting a chance to fence enough. I think that is true for most of the folks in Greensboro. We must find a way to rectify this situation.

Saturday: There was a tournament in Fayetteville I had hoped to attend, but I had tried to organize a DFC road trip to the Renaissance Faire and this was the weekend we could get most people to go. I was a really nice day for it and I enjoyed it.

Sunday: There is a Women's Epee Tournament at UNC. At least of a couple of my teammates will be competing and I would have loved to go support them. Sadly, there are things I should be doing here, though in truth all I have done this morning besides clean and wash some clothes is work on my journal. MUST....get ....busy!!!

Next Weekend: My wife is out of town so I can fence guilt free in any tournament I want.

There is one in Greenville. ( A 6 hour round trip drive.)
One is in Virgina. ( A 5 hour round trip drive. )
One is in Charlotte. ( A 3 hour round trip drive. Sadly, it appears no one is signed up for that one.)

I will give it some thought.

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