Friday, October 3, 2008

Last Entry

I just got back from Mexico to find that AOL is closing it's journal area.

So my journal will no longer be here.

I have not yet been home long enough to have decided what I will do in the future.

Will I look for a free place to continue, or will I just keep a personal journal with pen and ink?

I think I started this in the summer of 2005.  If I do not do something like this, I think I will miss it. However, a nice leather bound journal would be "way cool". Perhaps I will do both.

~ snaps a sharp salute.....shakes hands and exits the strip ~


fencerkath said...

I hope you keep blogging.  Could you come over to blogger?  I find it very easy to use and recommend it.  Just go to and see if you can create a blog (it may even be possible to import past entries).

jestersmind said...

Hey Jim, I will be sad if don't continue blogging.  I enjoy seeing the world of fencing from your perspective.  There is always the blogs on  Regardless of your decision, I have enjoyed your blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections with us all.  If you do continue let me know where the new one is through if you will, thanks again buddy.

jdobbinsjd said...

Hope you continue your blog.  It is always fun catching up with you and viewing your perspective.

Long time no see.


cobaltblade said...

Also hope you continue updating.  Always interesting to read other frank perspectives on things.