Thursday, September 25, 2008

Touch the Future

In both my private and group lessons, I felt awkward and frustrated. I have a lot of things to work on. I hope to work on some of these things after our beginner class on Monday nights.

Note to self: Be three to five inches parallel to the blade before doing a beat. Work on balance and not leaning into the lunge. When doing the German flick drill, drop the hand to targets/ the beat is to the middle of the blade. When doing the pick, go deeper. Work on the tip above and below the the bell guard drill. ( Okay....I am digressing from my "Note to self:" A few drills have names. Some have numbers, but mostly they don't have a name that I am aware of. I think it might be easier to talk about if they had cheap Kung Fu names like " Crouching Weasel" or " Flying ....Flying....Flying Something or Other". Also, on yet another non related note, after all that time fencing with a French grip, I can't flick worth a damn. I need to really really work on this.

Ally ( One of Coach Miller's students, who now attends college in Greensboro ) joined us for at the DFC for group lessons with Coach. She has studied with Coach for four years. I have for two.

He did 5 minutes of drills with Ally to show the class what he was shooting for. He never uttered a word and she responded to his movements and openings with the required action. (On a good night I might could do that for about 20 seconds.) It was beautiful to watch.

For just a moment, I thought their should be katas in competitions for fencing. Then I thought about who would judge them and I let that idea fade away.

There was a good thing that brightened my night on Wednesday. Most of the kids that are studying epee are around 10. One is a favorite of mine.She is a ten year old little blonde. Her name is Claire. Towards the end of the evening, I notice that she had two kids her age and was reffing as they fenced dry. I did not intrude, except to tell her to back up, so she would not get poked in the eye. She directed and I think she coached them a little. I can see this little girl continuing fencing through out her life and perhaps being a fencing coach someday. ( Or she could hang up the blades tomorrow, but that is not the point.) I thought about how our club ( and all clubs) touch the future of fencing. You will never know what may lay ahead for the kids. It may even be one that you never suspected. It might be one that fenced and then dropped out, but may resurface later in life in another club or another place. You never know. I like to think that will happen. It might even be a kid from another club that you helped or had a kind word for. You just never know.                    (  Actually....That is not true. I do know. )  

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cobaltblade said...

THAT is the reason I spent a lot of money, gave up pretty much any semblance of a "regular" social life, and get passionate about this sport.  IMO, helping the growth of the kids is more rewarding than competiting anymore.  It truly can be a calling.