Saturday, September 27, 2008

South of The Border

Today I am heading to Mexico on business. I have spent a lot of time in my life in Mexico and Central America. My passport prior to my shiny new one looked like a CIA agents if you combined the Communist countries of Asia and the Central American thing. I had extra pages added to that passport.( Note: CIA agents in Central America drive big black Suburbans with tinted glass, They are the only ones that have them. If I was not in a big hurry I would mention our embassy in El Salvador. Perhaps the stupidest American thing I have ever seen in person.)

I digress........what else is new?

I am heading for the Yucatan in Mexico. I have never been to that part. It will be hotter than hell. I am ambivalent about the trip. It will just be factory/hotel/factory/hotel/factory/hotel.

The only good thing is that I will be introduced to a new kind of Mexican cuisine. I love trying new things.

The trip to Mexico and a gas shortage here is screwing up my fencing. There were two tournaments here that I was interested in this weekend and another couple next weekend.
Not to mention my lessons and free fencing during the week. Perhaps gas supplies will return to closer than normal while I am gone and I will not be bothered with it as much.

Perhaps it is odd to think of fencing above this trip.

I have often been in a restaurant with other fencers. There is a part of me that is aware that we are the only fencers in the room. I would not be telling the truth if I did not say that I felt special because of that. Odd, that I would feel that way with as weird as fencers are. Perhaps, I should just feel "special" in the remedial sense.

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dbdacoba said...

It's rather like being an out-of-town movie actor in LA:  airport/hotel/studio/hotel/studio/airport.