Friday, September 19, 2008

In the Game....Ready or Not!

My week in fencing has been good so far.

I had a good lesson with Coach Miller Tuesday in Chapel Hill. We are working on correcting a few things. In his words, " We are almost there and then we can move on to the fun stuff." When I say it was a good lesson, I don't mean that I was praised. Sometimes my best lessons are when I make mistakes, but finally grasp what I am doing wrong. There was a Swedish foilist following me for a private lesson and I heard him ask Coach Miller why he was harder on me than on him. I did not hear the reply, but it was words to the effect that he was newer. I didn't think he was hard. I have seen hard and that was not it.

Wednesday night I did well in my group lesson at the DFC. It was pretty basic, but if  I am around Coach for any length of time I always learn something and have other things reinforced.

Friday night I coached our Foil class in Greensboro. There are not many students in foil. The kids love epee. They are soooooo smart. Woody's father is ill and he is out of town, so I covered for him. I did well. The students and parents commented on it and I felt good. It is so small that it is a lot like working one on one with some one. I am more comfortable in that regard. Group lessons are just not my thing.

Mario is going to be out for about a month and a half with foot surgery. Henri and I are going to coach the beginner class on Monday nights. As I have said many times, I don't think of myself as a coach. I am a helper. But I know that I can do this and do it well.
My job has changed a lot in the last month. I work a lot more over time and I never know when that will be. I also may be traveling more. I am concerned about being unreliable in taking this class. I don't want to let anyone down. I will talk to everyone concerned and make sure they know I will always do my best to be there, but there will have to be times when I miss the class.

I am going to have to give up a night of fencing to do this. I can't fence four nights a week. I will play it by ear and I am sure it will all work out.

I have mixed feelings about coaching. I do not see myself as one, but I have learned a lot sense I went to Coaches College ( 2 years ago) and I now feel like I can do these small newbie classes and not be pretending to be something I am not.

This is also an opportunity to help more at the club. So ready or not, I am going to be Coach Jim for a while.

Tomorrow I head to a ref seminar. I want badly to be a rated epee ref. ( Low level of course). I would be happy if I could finally pass the written part. If I fail again I am going to feel remedial On the other hand there is a tournament on Sunday at UNC. If I flunk the written, I will not need to take the practical on Sunday and I could go fence. Of course, there are a lot of high level fencers in that tournament, so I may have two opportunities to feel remedial.

At least I am in the game.

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fencerkath said...

I think you'll be a great coach and I'm sure the beginners will understand about your job.  And I expect that, as with some of the coaches at my club, your disappointment at not being able to fence as often as you would wish will be outweighed by pride in the way the beginners progress.