Sunday, August 24, 2008

Motrin: The Vet's Good Friend

Today I went to Raleigh and fenced in the RFC Open and "D" and Under tournament.

There was a small turn out of around 14 people for the Open. The format was unusual, but good I think.

If you fenced in the open, but did not make the cut ( I think it was 50%) you automatically fence in the "D" and Under. This allows us lesser mortals to get in some strip time. I did not make the cut and fenced in the  "D" and Under.

I took second place. This is not a big deal, but I have another medal for my small collection.

Nicole tied for 3rd. She did great in DE's. Henri ( while she was unhappy with her performance ) was valiant and determined and I was proud of her. We all have some things in to work on now.

I looked at this as beginning of season training , more than a tournament.

Note to self: Never mess with Sharon ( Nicole's Mom ) when she is dieting. She gets a bit feral.

The venue was hotter than Georgia asphalt and I figure I fenced in some manner around 16  times. ( I think ) I am tired and I hurt. I have had a hot shower and handful of Vitamin "I" ( meaning Motrin
). I cannot express verbally how worn out I am.

Another note to self: I did some things in this tournament I do not generally do, like toe touches and such. However, as I think back, I never did a "take" and attacks in opposition were very infrequent. I practice this sort of thing all the time with Coach Miller, but I did not use it. Fear of failure perhaps. I need to work on this and make it a standard part of my game.

There is much to write about, but I just don't have it in me at the moment. Though I am aching and tired, it was a day well spent.

"Spent"....that is an appropriate word.


ncfence004 said...

Which definition of feral are you referring to?

1.  of or characteristic of wild animals; ferocious; brutal.
2.  causing death; fatal.  
3.  funereal; gloomy.  
4.  wild and menacing

Could the fact that you PUNCHED me the first time I saw you after almost two months have anything to do with it?

Yes, Jim...SUCKS FOR YOU!   You know what I'm sayin'....

BTW...Superb toe touch....Tommy ain't got nothin' on you!

1.  of unusually high quality; excellent.
2.  majestic; imposing.
3.  surpassingly good.


cobaltblade said...

Motrin: The Fencer's Good Friend  <-- corrected

After a year plus, I'm personally realizing to stop being macho and start hitting the vit I just to remind my body to stop over-inflaming at my knees.

Also can stop cramping if taken beforehand. (Thx Henri!!).

I honestly tell a lot of my fencer's to make it part of their kit...along with biofreeze.