Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fencing Lite

Over the last two weeks I have not gotten to fence a lot.

I have missed the last two epee nights and foil nights at DFC. There have been some late nights at work and it can't be helped.

I have made it to UNC for lessons with Coach Miller

Last Thursday I did the best I have ever done with my lessons. Coach gave me TWO outstanding comments. He commented on his comments and told me how well I had done. He told me I was " strong, fast and my actions were tight". He also advised me not break that out early in a bout but save it for later.

I was on a high after my praise..............sadly.............Henri was behind me for her lesson. She got one "outstanding"...THEN... after that...she walked up to Coach and batted her eye lashes and asked Coach to give her one more " outstanding " than me. He complied, but with two more "outstandings" than me during her lesson. She had to break out the " cute" to do it though! It is sad when a person has to do that.

I hate that there is not a lot to post about fencing wise during the summer.

There is a tournament at Mid South in two weekends.  I will be at the coast the week before that and I am not sure I can make it.

There is a ref clinic I am looking forward to in late September.

Other than that there is not a lot of stuff going in the Gray Epee world of fencing. The divisional events have not been posted (as of yet) for next season. There is just not much happening for a month or so.

I will try to work out more and let my legs heal up. My knee feels okay, but my ankles are always sore for some reason. A week at the coast may be what they need.

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