Thursday, June 12, 2008

Various Stuff and The GE Cleans UP

Tuesday I fenced once and had a private lesson at UNC. It was a nice night.

Wednesday at DFC was the first summer class and we are without Coach Miller until the fall. It was a small class, but it had the relaxed flavor of days gone by. We fenced pools and we joked around. It was fun. I had a good time. I have missed that sort of thing in Greensboro.

Cam told me that night that Robert Thomas had called her and needed help setting up for the North Carolina State Games, which will include fencing this year. ( It is kind of like the local version of the Olympics.) Cam and Woody will be doing the "48 Hour Film Festival" shoot that weekend and will not be able to be involved. I sent Robert a note the next day and volunteered to help set up. I feel sense it is Greensboro I should represent our club. I also feel it is the right thing to do for the fencing community. I also feel like I did enough of that last season and deserve a break. It seems however that the " responsible adult " side of my personality won out over the " selfish bastard " side. I was really pulling for the
" selfish bastard " side. Damn it!

Oh well........I will find a way to make it fun. I have an idea or two.

The picture above are from my daughter Jaime's wedding. I just got about 400 of them from the photographer and thought I would stick a couple in here.

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