Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Summer Time...and the Fencing is Easy"

My week in fencing seems like a slow one, though it has been full.

Tuesday night was UNC night. I generally go there for lessons and a bit of grown up strip time. Coach and Josh are out of town teaching a camp. Even so it was a good night.

Wednesday night was a good night as well. A lot of kids who had not been around showed up and it was like "old home " week. They are such a good little group. I had missed the flavor of open night fencing. I could not bring myself to fence hard against them. I want them to have fun and not just be a target. Jordon will soon be leaving for college. I am not sure if she will continue through the summer or not. Tommy's brother Mike came. I would say little brother, but even at 13 he is taller than Tommy and myself.
He has some natural ability and moves sort of like Tommy. I hope we can make this fun for him so he will wish to continue. It would be good for him.

Mario had the class, though it was mostly open fencing. ( As it is our usual way during the summer.) We talked about the upcoming ref seminar this fall and are looking forward to that.

Friday night we had a foil class. Woody was out of town so Henri and coached that class. ( Henri and I never think of ourselves as coaches, though we have both been to Coaches College for foil.) It was fun. I hate my black coaches vest. It is cheap and leaves black stains on my uniform.

More kids showed up later in the evening. It was hot and they mostly fenced epee, so we switched to free fencing and bouted. It was another good evening.

Except for the USFA problems, there is not a lot to read concerning fencing on the web. Even that is slow  in summer. Sunday is my big day for reading about fencing on-line. Though I do that daily at least twice.

The problems within the USFA have me concerned. I am not badly concerned, I am sure it will all work out in time. My main concern is for Coaches College next summer. I wanted to do that again. It was one of the best experiences I have had this century and it is my great hope that I can find the time and money to go next summer for Epee 1. There is nothing like spending a week at the Olympic Training center in Colorado. I figure by then that I will have had another year with Coach Miller and I will have worked myself up to a " decent" level technically. ( could happen!) You don't have to be a great fencer to do this, but you must be correct in your actions and movements from a technical stand point. I will revsit this desire in the spring and see what the future brings.

As Nationals unfold there will be more to read on-line. Thank goodness!


rdautumnsage said...

I hope your able to pursue the prospect of Coaches college. Colorado itself is beautiful and to be able to spend time their doing what you love is a definite plus. Hope your 4th was a delightful one dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

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