Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Stuff

Prepare to get sick of hearing about this real quick.

I do not have many pictures in yet. But here is a sampling. If it is casual it was the rehearsal....formal the wedding. The vineyard is Stony Knoll in the Yadkin Valley.
( Note: The area of the country I live in was the largest wine making state in the US prior to Prohibition. The soil is perfect in sections of the state for this crop. Our state now has over 70 vineyards.)

This historical fact brought to you by the Gray Epee, We now return you to wedding pictures and such.

Tall blond kid is my son Sam. Blonde woman with Sam is either his girlfriend Kayla or his Mom. Blonde woman with bride and groom is Abe's Mom.....the kid is Abe's brother. The cake is the grooms cake. Abe is a chef and it is hard to expalin. Black and white blonde girl is my daughter Courtney.

Oh yeah...the first picture that looks like a bride is my daughter Jaime. The dark haired guy is her husband Abe.

More to come.


mereel2005 said...

Hey I will be married three years next monh and I still talk about my :) The pictures are great!

rdautumnsage said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding and future in the making dear friend. My daughter's marriage is tomorrow...It's a simple service with the Justice of the peace. The larger, bigger wedding will be when her husband returns from Iraq. (Hugs) Indigo