Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today I fenced at RFC. It was a small tournament of 9 people. One B ( Tommy) 2C's, 1D an E ( me ) and a 4Us. Placing me in the middle. I will not go into every detail, but I did well in pools. ( I think so anyway.) I won 5 and lost three and placed ahead of a C fencer to take fourth.

I went 5-4 ( him...not me ) with a tall ECU kid that won Divisionals a year or two ago. I swear you must have to be over 6 feet 3 inches to fence epee at ECU. I beat Paul Perkins and was actually up 4:1 at one point. He started to rally, because I was thinking " Holy Crap..One more touch and I beat Paul." I finally...and it took a few touches went for the double and won 5-4. Yep..I am not to bright. But he ( Paul) bragged and bragged on me and it made me feel good. I needed that.

There were some kids from State that were new to fencing. God love them. The first one I fenced asked me for advice on what he should do. I know that I look like a coach. I beat them badly and they could not tell the difference between me and a good fencer.       I told him and the other kids I was old but not an old pro. Still I gave them simple advice like " if someone runs away...let them go." That sort of thing. I have to say that I enjoyed talking to and offering advice to those kids.

We tripled striped. That was my first time doing that and it kind of favored the younger fencer and wore the old guy out. I didn't care though, I was having fun fleching from time to time ( Sometimes with success. sometimes not .) I did what I said I was going to do and it paid off.

Now in the last two weeks I have been under some stress and I have lost 15 pounds in that short period. I am weak from muscle loss I guess. I also smoked cigs for the last couple of days. Yes...I am an idiot. It has been years sense I smoked.

I am laying ground work for what is coming.

My only DE was against the ECU ( C fencer)  I went 5-4 with in pools. At one point he was ahead 6:1.I rallied in the second 3 minutes, but I was so tired I could not pommel and hold my weapon up at times. I lost and was done for the day. I still feel like I did well.

Editors Note: I don't think that my being worn out in the DE was an age thing. If I did I would say so.

The good news is that I have rallied a bit on the stress, thanks to a friend  and some conversation.I am smoke free today.I will hit the gym tomorrow and that should help as well. Of course it will be a hell week at work next week.

Today was just like going to a big club and getting to fence a lot. No pressure, no ratings, nothing to prove. I had fun and I got to train. I am happy.


pchilcoat1 said...

Wow amazing Sport....I have a problem just keeping a fork straight. I'll be reading your entry's to see how you fair.

fencerkath said...

I hope the stress, etc. is easing.  I find exercise helps when I'm under a lot of stress - and eating properly.  I've never smoked (I didn't see the attraction) but have been known to drink when under stress and of course it's the worst time to do that.

I'm delighted to hear you used your fleche at the tournament and it sounds as though the tournament went well, even though you didn't triumph as you might have wished.  Well done for having a good day's fencing.