Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Soon I will post wedding pictures and a story about the best party I ever had, but as for now I will stick with fencing.

Tonight I went to UNC. There were not that many folks there. I fenced Max from NCFDP and Keith from Touche. I did well. Keith told me I had a good fleche. I never had anyone tell me that before. It occurred to me that I never use them in tournaments. I just assume someone will nail me going in. I play it safe.

This weekend if I fence in the tournament in Raleigh, I will fleche and I will take chances and I will have fun and be relaxed. I sort of had a realization concerning this.

Coach Miller worked with me on "Circle Six in Opposition." I have been studying with him for a long while now and I am still working on the first thing you learn. I tend to sequence and it works well for me, but in this action it has to be all one move. ( Not capture and then hit.) If he tries to search for the blade and I do a tight disengage, I do the action perfect. I do no have many goals in fencing anymore, but I will learn this one thing and it will be to Coach Miller's specifications. This one move is the base for almost everything he teaches.

I left around 8:30.  I left the gym and stepped out into the cooling night air. I walked to the car. My face was flushed and the sweat in my hair was starting to dry. I realized for the first time in weeks, I felt good and was at peace. It is the kind of peace only exercise brings.

Fencing will save you if you let her.

As I drove I thought about fencing as a person. A goddess perhaps. Her sister Luck and her brother Skill were there. She has a big family. I had a " Joe Black " kind of vision about the whole thing.

Lately as I wrestledwith a big personal problem, I thought of quiting fencing. Tonight I realized how many times fencing has saved me. For now, I will continue on , but perhaps with a different perspective.


fencerkath said...

A good fleche!  That is formidable.  You should certainly use it.  Of course it's a risk but we all take risks in fencing.

rdautumnsage said...

All too often in the throes of confusion we tend to abandon that which we love...In the end our hearts are nothing more than heavier and the confusion still lives to some extent. Having said that I'm delighted you continue to fence. Everyone needs an outlet, a place within themselves they can call their own. Fencing is that place for you. Looking forward to the wedding pics. (Hugs) Indigo

cobaltblade said...

fleches and epee go hand and hand...not using them is about like cutting your game in half.