Saturday, May 24, 2008

Over Fifty ( Part Two )

I jumping right in here. Go read the post before this first.

7. If you still have speed ( fast hands ) don't break that out right away. Save it for a bit later in the bout.

8. Generally speaking if you are over 50 you have more patience than a male kid in college. Use it. Go back and read number six. ( Okay....this one depends on the the two people on strip, but it is close to being true.)

9. At some point you will win a bout because someone looked at the gray hair and underestimated you. Some times they figure out that they underestimated you, but it is to late. Those victories are yours. Don't worry, you will loose bouts for underestimating others as well. It all balances out.

10. If you fence in a vet event ( non sabre ) you will not find a lot of screamers. I can't think of any I have fenced with. ( Note: Some fencers scream after getting a touch to release tension and I am pretty sure to annoy people around them.) If you are over 50, the odds are you know how to let something  like tension go pretty quickly and silently. If you need to scream after getting a touch, you most likely should think about taking up another sport. Billiards maybe. You should be able to let something go faster than a male teenager. I mean ...really. ( Yet another note: Okay...if you offer an invitation and you get hit there, you are allowed to be rattled. That is something that takes me a while to get over. ) ( One more note: I am joking......kind of.)

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fencerkath said...

This is really good and useful.  I'll add one point for women over 50.  I heard years ago that, while women lack the burst of speed that men have, they have greater stamina and endurance.  (This was written in relation to marathon running and the author - I can't remember the full context - suggested that if the marathon course were ten miles longer, women would win every time.)  If you're an older woman, this will sometimes work in your favour.  I've even occasionally had the experience of beating or nearly beating a much better male fencer who has run out of energy while fencing.  This won't work against really experienced fencers who are good at conserving their energy and, when you're over 50, physical setbacks can cause knock-on effects for ages.  But it's worth looking at male opponents to judge how much energy they have left - if your male opponent seems to be running out of energy, it's time to draw on reserves and move a lot, as fast as you can, changing distance, etc.

Jim, I feel mean posting this on your blog.  But if, like me, you're a woman over 50 with no previous history of taking vigorous exercise, it's helpful to know that there may be a point in club nights and competitions where, eventually, you'll find you still have energy as the men around you are flagging.  Just as men use their greater strength and speed in mixed-gender bouts, women have to call on stamina and endurance.