Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not Much Fencing

This week I took a group class on Wednesday and that was it. ( Again another week without enough fencing.)

It was a bit different this time, as Coach Miller watched us fence and made critiques. I had looked forward to this for a week. I thought I might learn something that would aid me. However, except once when my body weight was forward there was no comment.

Oh well. The road to has a few bumps and pot holes.

We bouted working on " squeezing". I have got to make parries more of my game I think.
( The last two sentences were sort of unrelated to each other, but seemed unworthy of separate paragraphs.)

I still do not feel well.

Stress from a personal problem has helped me drop 10 pounds in a week. Maybe I can keep it going.

I do not see much fencing for me in the near future. My youngest daughter is getting married next weekend. I think I need to stay home and help out. There is a tournament at Touche next Sunday, the day after the wedding, but I would think the chances of making that are remote.

I may get to fence twice during the week, but I will just have to see how that goes.

Even though I feel weak, I am going to take a shower now and head to the gym. It may make me feel better.

Gray Epee...over and out.

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rdautumnsage said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick hon. It definitely sounds like you've been stressed to have lost weight like that, worrying about whatever it is. I'm sorry you haven't been able to fence as much as you like; I have a feeling it would help alleviate some of your anxiety to have something you love to keep you distracted. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage of your daughter. May she find lasting love and peace. (Hugs) Indigo