Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stuff This Week

Tuesday, I went to UNC for a lesson. I got there early and had time to eat at a Chinese restaurant I had never tried. The food was interesting....not good....but interesting.

I had a good lesson. In fact from the stand point of doing well, it was the first one in several lessons were I felt good with myself afterwards. Of course Coach can make you feel that way anytime he wants to do so. We talked for a good bit before my lesson. That was unusual, but I always enjoy it. Mostly it was about the Divisional tournament and the Division in general. There was hardly a club that did not come up.

Our new Division chair scored some points with Coach, by sending him an e-mail to find out next seasons UNC schedule. He evidently did this to try and get the UNC kids a chance to get in some of the Divisional tournaments next season. This seems to me to be thinking ahead and diplomatic. I have only spoken to this man to introduce myself, so I don't know him. However,it seems like a nice start.

I learned a new tactic by watching another guys lesson. In fact I knew it before, but I did not put it together in this cool.

I only fenced once. Time seemed to go buy to fast. It was 9:00 before I knew it. It is a long , gas sucking drive back to High Point and I don't like to leave any later than that.
I did fence with my pistol grip that I had modified to the point Coach likes it. I can use the damn thing, but it is so uncomfortable and does not fit my hand. I may have to modify it yet again I think.

Wednesday in Greensboro, Coach did not show up. His girl friend called and said he was not coming to Greensboro, as he had a recruiting problem.

So we fenced.

It was only Cam, Nicole, Henri and I. Mario reffed. It was nice. Cam had not fenced with us in long time. I had missed the times when we all fenced together. That sort of fell by the wayside for some reason. With Cam fencing, it seemed like old times.

I used my pistol grip again. I hurt Nicole. I hate that. I would not do that on purpose for the world. I hurt Henri as well. I stepped on Cam's blade and scored on her. That should not have counted. Again, it was like old times, I hurt people. I hate that. I tried to make my touches gentle and in proper distance after Nicole, however sometimes your hand just moves on it's on accord.

I think I will fence in a little tournament at the coast this weekend that is outside. I need some FUN fencing.


libragem007 said...

Have fun Fencing this weekend, and goodluck with the gas prices. It's somewhere at $3.51 here...gees! I may have to start walking to work!

rdautumnsage said...

Good luck with the tournament at the coast this weekend hon! Sometimes you have to step back and discover what used to make you enjoy Fencing...when it starts to become monotone and something you have to make yourself do, you lose the heart of what it means to you. Glad to hear you've enjoyed it lately.

By the way I'm leaving a link to an entry on my journal. You were mentioned in it's pages...(Hugs) Indigo