Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Sad Week

This week I only fenced once and it was a group lesson with no bouting. It was a good lesson and the one next week sounds really interesting. I hope it works out.

I did not go to UNC on Tuesday as I was still getting over fencing in New Bern.

I did not go Thursday as I was sick and had a  substantial personal problem. On the bright side the combination of having to work hard; stress and illness have caused me to drop a bit of weight. Perhaps I can keep going with that. Sadly, though I did not eat much today, it was junk.

Friday.....still sick

I don't feel all that bad today, but I am drained and not well.

There is a tournament in Blacksburg, VA which is a two and half hour drive. I need to fix my to favorite weapons and have a miracle happen in the morning before I would go....though I still entertain the idea.

There was tournament in Wilmington this weekend, but I have friends staying at my house so even if I could have gone, I would have had no free place to stay.

Coach Miller said he might stop by the tournament in Wilmington as he wanted to talk with the new Division Chair.

This was my sad week in fencing.

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